Members of EAC have been active in research and in the publication of references related to the hobby. Some publications include material offered for discussion and review in Penny-Wise. (December 1971) American Half Cents the "Little Half Sisters" by Roger S. Cohen, Jr. was published.

(1977) United States Large Cents 1793-1857 edited by Warren A. Lapp and Herbert Silberman was published. It contained over 100 articles previously published in The Numismatist.

(1977) Monographs on Varieties of United States Large Cents 1793-1794 edited by John W. Adams and Monographs on Varieties of United States Large Cents 1795-1803 edited by Denis Loring were published.

(1977) Alan Kessler published The Fugio Cents .

(1979) Tom Morley published 1794 Large Cents Graded and Upgraded.

(June 1980) Russell Rulau produced a revision of Lyman Low's book on Hard Times Tokens. A second edition was published in June 1981.

(1980) Jules Reiver published "Mature Head United States Copper Cents 1843-1857." This was a precursor to the 1986 book by Reiver and Bob Grellman.

(1982) Roger Cohen released his second edition of American Half Cents.

(April 1983) EAC produced a 28 page booklet titled An Introduction to the World of Early American Copper Coinage. This booklet is sent to new members as an introduction to the hobby and the club.

Copper Quotes by Robinson (CQR) has become the standard reference for pricing half cents and large cents. Jack H. Robinson formalized acknowledgment that coins may be choice, average or scudzy. The first edition of CQR was dated 12/31/83. The 15th edition was released in 1997.

(July 1984) David Bowers published United States Copper Coins, An Action Guide for the Collector and Investor.

(August 1984) Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Half Cents 1793-1857 was released. This book received the Numismatic Literary Guild award as the best book for 1984-85.

(1986) J. R. (Bob) Grellman and Jules Reiver published Attribution Guide for United States Large Cents 1840-1857. Volume I covered the years 1840-1848 while volume II covered 1849-1857. This was recognized by the Numismatic Literary Guild as the best new book on American numismatics for 1985-86.

(July 1, 1986) Pete Smith published The Story of the Starred Reverse Cent. It was about the 1794 Sheldon S-48 large cent variety.

(1987) The "Quickfinder Supplement" to the Grellman / Reiver book appeared.

(1990) Barry Murphy published "Attribution Guide: Early Date Large Cents and Half Cents."

(July 1991) William C. Noyes released United States Large Cents 1793-1814 and United States Large Cents 1816-1839. For this effort, Bill received the 1993 EAC Literary Award.

(1991) William Anton and Bruce Kesse. published The Forgotten Coins of the North American Colonies. This covers "A modern survey of early English and Irish counterfeit copies circulating in America."

(1992) John D. Wright published The CENT Book covering cents of 1816-1839. The book won the NLG Award for best U.S. coin book in 1992.

(1995) Bill Noyes published his Encyclopedia of Large Cents, Volume I, Sheldon 1 to 1796 Sheldon 91. It is intended as a companion to his book on early date cents.

(1997) Gregory S. Heim published “A Quickfinder for Attributing Varieties of United States Half Cents: 1793-1857”. It is of convenient size, spiral bound, and easy to use and is the most significant work on United States half cents in almost 15 years.

(1998) Tony Carlotto published “The Copper Coins of Vermont, and Those Bearing The Vermont Name”. This is a through work on the copper coins of Vermont with photos of all varieties with descriptive commentary. The book contains 232 pages with 283 photos plus four plates of coins containing 78 photos.

(1998)) Richard Doty published “America's Money America's Story”. Dot's book provides an accurate historical look at the evolution of American money, with special sections on the Revolutionary War, California Gold Rush, Civil War, America's Gilded Age, and more. The book is extensively indexed, contains 248 pages with more than 250 large-sized photographs.

(1999) Ron Manley published “The Half Cent Die State Book: 1793 – 1857”. This 300-page hardbound reference book was the winner of the 1999 EAC Literary Award and the 1999 NLG “Best U. S. Coin Book” Award. Ron's book is packed with new and updated information on all business strike half cents varieties. The book contains over 250 plated die states 92% of total), sequence revisions, examples of blundered edges, and much more.

(2000) Bowers and Merena published “Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States Cents, 1793-1814. Presented in a single volume is all pertinent information regarding the history of large cents and data about every variety. This 895-page hardbound illustrated volume provides enlarged photographs, descriptions, rarity information, die state data, and condition census information about every die variety for the period covered.