Research Projects

EAC members voluntarily conduct research projects in various areas related to Early American Coppers. The club provides no financial assistance but these activities are supported with promotion through Penny-Wise. Mike Packard maintains an inventory of Massachusetts coppers. A 1985 survey was expanded in 1989 and is on-going.

John Griffee maintains the condition census of New Jersey coppers

Ed Masuoka maintains a listing of half cent collections. The survey appeared in Penny-Wise May 15, 1987.

Michael Schmidt maintains an inventory of collections of early date cents with assistance from Paul Fisher. Contributors receive copies of "The Score." The survey began in 1986.

John Wright maintains an inventory of collections of middle date cents. It is disseminated to contributors as "The List" A preliminary list was maintained by Wes Rasmussen. Wright began maintaining "The List" in 1984.

An inventory list of late date large cent collections was maintained by John R. Frankenfield from 1987 to 1991. The list was disseminated to contributors as "Common Cents." Fred Iskra has subsequently revived this project and it is now published as the "Common Cents Report" beginning November 2000. Fred can be emailed at

Roger Cohen recorded a listing of condition census half cents from before 1982 until his death in 1990.

Del Bland keeps a listing of condition census early cents. His efforts began before 1984.

John Wright maintains the middle date condition census. He began collecting the information in 1975.

Bob Grellman compiles the late date condition census. The survey began about 1986.

A photographic archive of significant half cents is maintained by Frank Wilkinson. The project began in 1987.

An archive of black and white photographs of middle date cents is maintained by John Wright. The file began in 1984.

Bill Noyes photographs important early and middle dates cents and maintains the files. The project was announced in P-W 1-15-89.

(1998) Red Henry maintains an inventory of collections of late date cents. It is disseminated to contributors as "The Early-Date Report" The EDR is preliminary a ranked listing of early-date large cent collections using a combination of completeness and grade factor. The purpose of the project is the sharing of information between those that prize early-date cents. The EDR will pick up where "The Score" left off.